Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

New Shanghai Theatre

Considered to be China’s most celebrated acrobatic company, more than 40 performers of the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai have stunned and amazed audiences all over the world.  These acrobats showcase dramatic interpretations of Chinese physical performance art and dance with extraordinary and inventive feats of strength, skill, grace, and charisma.  This is truly a show that all ages will enjoy!!

Branson’s Best Acrobat Show Playing Now at the Grand Shanghai Theatre

One thing is for sure, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is Branson’s best acrobatic show. Complete with a themed theatre from outside to inside, the Grand Shanghai Theatre is the perfect place to take in the show. BT&T has special family rates and group rates as well so call us for more information on the show, tickets, seating and directions to the Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson!