The Petersens

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Ready to see the #1 rated Branson show on TripAdvisor? As luck would have it, you’ve landed in the right spot! The Petersens’ bluegrass and gospel shows both receive resounding approvals from audiences year after year in Branson. In fact, out of 733 reviews on TripAdvisor, they have 721 Five-Star reviews with 10 Four-Star and 2 Three-Star reviews for an overall rating of 99.62%!

What to expect at the Petersens Show?

The Petersen’s are a family band and as such, bring you beautiful harmonies to go along with their world-class musicianship featuring violins, guitar, mandolin, stand-up bass, banjo and the only non-sibling, Emmet Franz, on the dobro. Within the first minute of the first song, you’ll understand all the praise. Their professionalism is evident and a testament to the long hours and years taken to master each instrument.

If you haven’t seen The Petersen’s, you’ll be glad you did during your next visit to Branson!

Call 1-800-432-4202 or locally at (417) 335-2707 to see the wonderful performing family, The Petersens!

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