Frequently Asked Questions

Branson Ticket & Travel’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you located in Branson?  Yes we are. Branson Ticket & Travel is located at 2743 Missouri 248, Branson, MO 65616
3. Are you going to try & send us on tour of a timeshare or vacation rental? Are there any ‘catches’ with your offers? Never. We have never, nor will ever, sell our client’s information or use any gimmicks or tricks with hidden terms and conditions. We are one of the only (if not the onlyBranson travel agencies & Branson show ticket resellers that have ZERO AFFILIATION WITH ANY TIMESHARE OR TRAVEL CLUB in Branson or anywhere else.
4. Will you deliver to our lodging or campground?  Yes.  If you book 5 days in advance we will have your tickets delivered to wherever you are staying in Branson. They’re also real tickets, not vouchers, so no long lines waiting to exchange your vouchers for tickets in order to be able to enter the theatre. Just walk in & enjoy yourself.
5. Whats your cancellation policy?  5 days prior to arrival unless otherwise designated by theatre or lodging provider.
6. Can you walk to the shows? Depends on where you stay and what shows you attend. We have some great options on the Hwy 76 ‘Branson Strip’ or away. We also have some amazing places to stay on the lake at reasonable rates.
7. Are you able to get goods seats at theaters?  Absolutely. Our long-lasting relationships in the area has solidified our reputation & ability to privide our guests with the best seats possible & to get first availability when better seats open up!
8. Are you able to reserve lodging?  Yes and do it long before your arrival. We do this to ensure the best accomodations for our guests & keep them together.
9. Do you offer discounts?  To nearly every show in town & our group discounts for motor coaches, family reunions & military reunions can’t be beat!

10.  Are there any service fees?  No.

11. Do you have the actual tickets? Yes! Unlike most travel agencies and ticket resellers who only give you a voucher, we provide the actual tickets to your shows & attractions so you can get right in and avoid all the lines.