Bigfoot Fun Park

Address: 3608 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616

The Bigfoot Fun Park provides a variety of exhilarating attraction type rides, games, tours and much more located in the heart of Branson. With 6 unique on-site rides, games and play places, its a great way to spend the evening with the entire family! The 6 on-site areas are:

  1. Gravity Bomb
  2. Super Sling
  3. Adventure Golf
  4. Bigfoot Arcade
  5. Yeti Fun Zone & Monkey Jump
  6. 8DI Action Cinema Ride

In addition to all the fun at Bigfoot Fun Park, you’ll also be glad to hear of Bigfoot Discovery Expedition, where you’ll ride outside of town and visit Bigfoot Farms. There, you’ll receive 360 degree views of the Ozark Mountains and interact with the farms’ Scottish Highland Cattle for 90 minutes of Bigfoot fun! Bigfoot Fun Park offers 3 types of tours:

  1. Bigfoot Discovery Expedition
  2. Scottish Highland Farm Tour
  3. Ozarks Expedition Tour

For more information on the Bigfoot Fun Park, the rides, games, play areas or Adventure Tours, please call our Branson travel office at (417) 335-2707 or toll-free at (800) 432-4202.

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