Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama

A little piece of history tucked away in the Ozark Mountains, Shepherd of the Hills brings an old story to life with its historical outdoor drama. The action packed drama reenacts the famous author, Harold Bell Wright’s book Shepherd of the Hills. Generation after generation of Branson visitors have been swept up into the fascinating tale of Shepherd of the Hills.

The book the drama is based on, Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright, was first published in 1907 and was an instant best seller. The book has sold millions of copies and is a special piece of American Literature history.  The drama is a special tribute to that with over 90 actors, actresses and animals. No sleepy country story here- the play is full of action such as a shoot out scene and the real burning of a log cabin.

The 1800’s in the Ozarks wasn’t all that pleasant. The story tells a tale of a vigilante group formed to protect the the homestead from criminals, the Baldknobbers. The group grew in numbers and in strength and soon used their power for more evil than good. Riding through town in black masks to protect their identity, the Baldknobbers were a true terror. Contrasting against the darkness was a beam of light shining through the character of Old Matt, the Shepherd. A mysterious outsider, Old Matt, leads his neighbors to the Word of God and spreads a message of forgiveness.

The authentic homestead where the drama takes place is on the National Historic Registry. It is here that Harold Bell Wright set up camp and wrote the Shepherd of the Hills novel. Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor drama is truly a story for the ages and a precious fixture in the Branson community. A unique experience the whole family will never forget, be sure and check out the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama.

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