Smoke on the Mountain

New to Branson and looking for a show that will keep your whole family in stitches? Check out Smoke on the Mountain! Smoke on the Mountain is a hilarious musical comedy show set in an old country church in the 1930s. If you grew up attending a small rural church, you may find a lot of the storyline and antics of Smoke on the Mountain to be totally relatable! The Smoke on the Mountain actors all have fantastic voices, and they do a great job of making the audience feel like a part of the show. 


Visit the Branson IMAX Complex with Discount Smoke on the Mountain Show Tickets


You’ll find Smoke on the Mountain at the Little Opry Theatre inside the Branson IMAX entertainment complex. True to its name, the Little Opry Theatre is quite small, so be sure to reserve your  discount Smoke on the Mountain show tickets as early as possible to make sure you get a seat for the fun! The theatre’s location gives you easy access to fantastic specialty shops and several restaurants that you can visit before or after seeing the show! You could even make a whole day of it by seeing an IMAX movie, having lunch, and then catching the show Smoke on the Mountain later in the evening. How convenient!

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