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A breath-taking plunge from the top of the Wolfe Mountain is the ultimate in excitement. Guests will not forget the 1/4 mile soaring flight down the mountaintop made complete with an amazing 100 foot free fall dismount from the tallest tower at Wolfe Creek Preserve - an unforgettable experience!

Along the journey you will have the opportunity to admire the canopy floor as you leisurely cross suspension bridges and walkways and fly through the canopy itself by way of zip line, turning the Ozarks wilderness into your own, personal playground! As with all of our canopy experiences, the first 10 minutes of your time at Wolfe Creek Preserve will be spent learning the basics of zip line usage. Afterward, you will be transported from Wolfe Creek Station to the top of Wolfe Mountain to begin your adventure.

The Ozarks Xplorer Canopy Tour offers guests eco-adventure at it's best. An immersing experience, guests will take in the pristine ecology of the Ozarks and learn what makes this region unique, all while traversing seven ziplines and ten skybridges during this extensive two-and-a-half-hour experience. This world-class zipline canopy tour eco-adventure stands out - unparalleled and unique.

After being transported to Teepee tower, guests will zip over Wolfe Mine, cross the bridge to Crow's Nest, a one of a kind tower inspired by a Pirate ship, and finish their tour with Dynamite Drop, a forty-foot free fall. If the guest is scared of the free fall, they can always choose to exit via one of our sky bridges. When the guests' journey through the trees is concluded they will be picked up by one of our Pinzgauers and returned to Wolfe Creek Station where they will de-gear.

To begin this guided journey, guests are driven to the top of Wolfe Mountain in an authentic Pinzgauer Swiss Military Vehicle. This guided, mostly downhill walking trail will give visitors the opportunity to experience the grandeur of the Ozarks and nature while enjoying a unique perspective of zippers flying by through the tree canopy. During a mid-mountain break, refreshments are served before resuming the exciting journey back to Wolfe Creek Station. numerous photo opportunities are available. Suitable for all sizes and ages.

A combo ticket that includes all 4 Hollywood Entertainment attractions! Hollywood Wax, Castle of Chaos, Hannah's Maze of Mirrors and Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf are all part of this great value!

Children under 4 are restricted from the Castle of Chaos.

Hollywood Wax Museum is a classic Branson attraction on Highway 76 where you're invited to Come Play with the Stars! Located at the center of the strip in Branson, Missouri since 1996, the Wax Museum was revamped last year with all new amazingly-sculpted stars on sets from the most famous movie scenes of all time. You'll have the chance to walk the red carpet, skip down the Yellow Brick Road, beam aboard a starship, meet super heroes and super villains, and even put on a wedding dress and marry a star!

Titanic Museum Attraction - Branson, MO

We've built a ship-shaped permanent, Interactive Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, MO!

Everyone knows the name Titanic!  Everyone knows Titanic hit an iceberg!

Everyone knows Titanic was lost!  But there is so much more to her story.

Discover the stories of the passengers and crew who sailed Titanic, as our crew and interactive galleries bring them to life.  We are more than just a museum; we are a Permanent, Interactive Attraction for all ages.

The Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri is a national tribute to the brave men and women who defended our liberties during the 20th Century. A visit to the museum is a powerful, emotional experience. As you wander the great halls of the museum you'll be captivated by the stories of these men and women who gave us so much. The museum is filled with the most incredible collection of wartime exhibits covering the heights and depths of human experience.

The World's Largest Toy Museum is like Christmas everyday. Remember the joy of some of your childhood toys and memories of some of your heroes such as Shirley Temple, John Mix, and Groucho Marx. There are toys from the 1800's and as new as Star Wars. Remembering your childhood has never been so fun!