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The Haygoods Bring Holograms & Drones to their 2024 Show!

Get Booked Early for The Haygoods in 2024! Tixkets Sell-Out Fast!

Branson, Missouri is renowned for it’s vibrant entertainment scene & non-stop shows, and at the heart of this spectacle is The Haygoods Show. A blend of music, acrobatics and innovative technology, the 2024 lineup promises an unforgettable experience for all ages. Hosted at the Clay Cooper Theatre, this family-led performance has become a staple for Branson visitors, offering a unique blend of talent by the Haygoods.

Why You Can’t Miss The Haygoods in 2024

The upcoming season is set to elevate the entertainment quotient with the introduction of all-new life-size holograms on stage, featuring none other than Elvis Presley and many more singing alongside the Haygoods on stage. This, along with the addition of drones, sets The Haygoods apart as the pioneers of cutting-edge entertainment in Branson.

Getting Your Hands on The Haygoods Show Tickets

For those eager to witness this blend of classic entertainment and modern technology, securing tickets is easy. Visit Branson Ticket & Travel or call (800) 432-4202 or locally at (417) 335-2707. With various ticket options available, including discount tickets and family discounts, there’s a perfect fit for every visitor.

What’s New in 2024? Holograms and Drones!

The Haygoods 2024 show is not just about music; it’s a technological marvel. The introduction of  a life-size hologram marks a first in Branson, offering fans a chance to relive the magic of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and many more. Additionally, the use of drones adds a futuristic touch to the performance, creating visuals that have never been seen before in live entertainment.

Plan Your Branson Trip with The Haygoods 2024 Show

Including The Haygoods 2024 Show into your Branson travel itinerary is a must. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a group trip, or seeking exclusive travel packages, The Haygoods and Branson offer a variety of options to enhance your visit. With group rates and travel packages available, organizing a trip for any occasion has never been easier.

The Haygoods is A Tradition of Excellence

The Haygoods have long been synonymous with quality entertainment in Branson. Their 2024 show continues this tradition, promising an evening of unparalleled enjoyment. From the stunning performances by the Haygood brothers and sister, Catherine, to the awe-inspiring technological advancements, this show is a testament to the family’s dedication to excellence. Add in the elegance of Catherine’s harp solos and you have a show for everyone, young & old!


  • How can I purchase tickets for The Haygoods show in 2024? Easy! Just call (800) 432-4202 or locally at (417) 335-2707 to get your discount Haygoods tickets for 2024.
  • Are there any discounts available for The Haygoods tickets? Absolutely! We have family discounts to the Haygoods show as well as Haygoods show group rates & plenty more.
  • What new features can we expect in The Haygoods’ 2024 show? The Haygoods bring something new to the Branson show scene every year it seems and 2024 is no different. With all-new life-size holograms & a fleet of drones coming to the stage in 2024, you’ll definitely want to include it in your 2024 Branson travel plans!
  • Can I book travel packages that include The Haygoods show tickets? Of course, we offer multiple with The Haygoods included or you can build your own! View our Branson travel packages here.
  • What makes The Haygoods show a must-see in Branson? Their shows sell out consistently, each and every year. If you plan to see the Haygoods this year, call early as their show sell out fast!
  • How does the introduction of holograms and drones enhance The Haygoods show? You’ll just have to find out! Since its brand-new we can only speculate but the pictures look incredible!

Family Discounts & Group Rates to The Haygoods Show

The Haygoods show in 2024 at the Clay Cooper Theatre is more than just a musical performance; it’s a groundbreaking entertainment experience that combines talent, technology, and the timeless charm of Branson. That’s why BT&T offers Haygoods discount tickets, family travel packages and group rates to save you money on this incredible show and your Branson vacation. With something for everyone, from the breathtaking visuals to the heartwarming performances by the Haygood family, securing your tickets early is essential. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event. Call (800) 432-4202 or (417) 335-2707 to book your tickets today, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure with The Haygoods in Branson.

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