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Seasonal Encounters Adds New Fun in Branson!

One of Branson’s newest attractions, Seasonal Encounters adds a rotating lineup of year-around fun! Holidays are a joyous time & Branson’s Seasonal Encounters celebrates each one accordingly. All ages will love the unique activities including the rideable dinosaur animatronics at Dinosaur Land, Santa’s Adventureland during Christmas, the Great Pumpkin Adventure during the Autumn holidays months of Thanksgiving & Halloween as well as Wild West Adventure! There’s always fun to be had no matter the time of year at Seasonal Encounters!

What’s There to do at Seasonal Encounters Branson?

In short, a lot! As mentioned above & in the name, Seasonal Encounters offers different and unique offerings throughout the year depending upon the holidays around your visit! However, Jurassic Land and the sit-on animatronics are always on display during operating hours. The four Seasonal Encounter mainstays are:

  • Jurassic Land

  • Santa’s Adventureland

  • Great Pumpkin Adventure

  • Wild West Adventure

Save on Seasonal Encounters Tickets with BT&T in 2023!

Since 1991, Branson Ticket & Travel has been providing industry-leading customer service & vacation planning for families, groups and everything in between without a catch! What do we mean by ‘without a catch?’ We have never nor will ever be associated with timeshare or travel clubs thus our discounts don’t require anything beyond payment.  In addition, we do not sell customer information. Call our local Branson office at (417) 335-2707 or toll-free at (800) 432-4202 for discount tickets to Seasonal Encounters, family pass information, details on current events and more!

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