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Branson, Missouri Vacation Destination 

Now renowned as the ‘live entertainment capital of the universe’  the Scientific American put Branson, Missouri, on the map when it notified the nation of the spectacular cave whose limestone walls looked exactly like marble. Geologists first introduced this yet unnamed subterranean wonder during the 1860’s but it took nearly twenty years for the main chamber to be physically viewed by ropes dangling 200 feet into the cave’s largest chamber. 

The Scientific American’s article in 1885, caught the eye of William Henry Lynch, a Canadian mining professional, who plunked down his coins shortly after he finished reading the piece. Lynch gathered his two daughters, made a beeline to the Ozarks and opened the natural wonder, named Marvel Cave, for public viewing in 1894.

The Second Step For Branson, Missouri

Harold Bell Wright made his trek from the plains of Kansas to the foothills of the Ozarks in 1898 to improve his health.  After nearly a decade of residing in the Ozarks at the homestead of John and Anna Ross, Wright produced a novel entitled “The Shepard of the Hills” in 1907 detailing the incredible splendor of Marvel Cave, the way of the life of the people in the area and the breathtaking landscape. The book went on to become one of the fourth widely read in history and after becoming the lead characters in his book, the Ross Homestead became the staging ground for the depiction of Wright’s story. There were even four major motion pictures produced on “The Shepard of the Hills”, including a 1941 version starring the incomparable Western hero, John Wayne. Due to the popularity of Wright’s work, visitors began to pour into the small, yet unnamed town of Branson, Missouri. The path to its future success had surely been paved.

Branson, Missouri, Is Now Official 

In 1912, Branson, Missouri, had its name entered into the United States Census books and was named after Reuben Branson, a shopkeeper and the postmaster in Branson, who settled there in 1882. Just a year later the Powersite Dam on the White River was constructed creating Lake Taneycomo. Branson, Missouri, became a major center for outdoor recreation as a result of the White River Line railroad, which brought nature enthusiasts by the 1,000s to enjoy the beauty of the Ozark town. 

After World War II, Branson, Missouri, Begins to Hum

In 1950, the Herschend family purchased a 99 year lease on Marvel Cave. Investing in the attraction, by erecting staircases and putting in electric lights, the Herschends made the cave much more accessible to public consumption through modernization and began to hold square dances within the natural stage. Already with an established background as a resort and entertainment center, with the famed Red Foley first appearing there in 1954, Branson, Missouri was forever altered by the completion of Table Rock Dam in 1959. The town exploded now that it had access to hydroelectric power. This helped procure the means necessary to open Silver Dollar City directly above Marvel Cave and Rockaway Beach, long an area that was privately accessed by a select few, now experienced droves of visitors. Capitalizing on Branson, Missouri’s promise, the Baldknobbers, one of the town’s first family entertainment acts, set up shop in 1959 and regaled Branson, Missouri, tourists from that date until the present. In addition, Foley’s show “Ozark Jubilee” exposed Branson, Missouri, to viewers around the country as it was one of the top ranked television shows at that time.

Branson, Missouri, and It’s Rise to World Acclaim

Following the Baldknobber’s lead, the Presley family commenced their family entertainment act in 1961 and have become world famous. Also, Shepherd of the Hills expanded their productions throughout the years and grabbed the public’s attention with the Inspiration Tower. With the advent of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s Branson, Missouri, continued to thrive and added its theaters, the mecca of Route 76 entertainment facilities, constructed attractions such as the Titanic Museum as well as developed its outdoor activities.

Silver Dollar City is one of the top 10 amusement parks in the world, Branson, Missouri, offers more than 150 shows, it is the nation’s top ranked group destination and has more attractions than you can shake a stick at. Its festivals, concerts, eateries, down home charm and gorgeous landscape afford visitors the trip a lifetime, for there is truly no other place on the globe that offers what Branson, Missouri, can. Especially for the price affordability and the flexibility. Whether it be a special occasion, a romantic tryst, an outdoor adventure, a shopping excursion, a family vacation, a military reunion, a church outing, a business meeting or a performance group, Branson, Missouri, is certain to satisfy your every need. For a truly spectacular, low-cost, action packed, memorable vacation, Branson, Missouri, which is only a day’s drive from 30 states, simply cannot be beat. Come check it out for yourself and let Branson Ticket & Travel save you money on your Branson, Missouri vacation.

Get ready Branson fans! Branson, Missouri in 2015 will have more new shows, events and attractions than any other year in history!Country music superstar Billy Dean (pictured above), the Harlem Globetrotters at SDC, the all-new Firemen’s Landing area at SDC, PGA Legends of Golf at Big Cedar, Mary Wilson from the Supremes, Eamonn McCrystal, Collin Raye, The Lettermen, Bill Cosby, Wynonna Judd, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Mathis, Craig Wayne Band, Don Williams, Johnny Mathis and many more starting in 2015! Whether its just the 2 of you or a group of 2,000, BT&T has the Branson travel planning experience and expertise second to none! Call us toll-free at our Branson, Missouri travel office and ticket center at 1-800-432-4202 or email us!

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