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Major League Replica Youth Ballparks of America Coming To Branson 

Just when you thought Branson had it all and couldn’t possibly construct yet another attraction to promote family fun, all things American as well as attract people from all across the globe, think again, because this little town will introduce an utterly unique venue during the summer of 2015; Little League and Youth Baseball Tournaments played in Major League replica stadiums. Enter Ballparks of America and its plans to erect a $24 million dollar youth baseball complex in the old Red Roof Outlet Mall. The groundbreaking ceremony for the first field will occur in the coming weeks and all systems are go on a project the likes of which the nation has never before seen.

“We are trying to make it the Epcot Center of ballparks,” said Hamilton Chang, CEO of Ballparks of America to Heather Hollinsworth of the Detroit News on October 18.

Chang, who has coached each of his four sons, explained the all the individuals who have invested in the concept are “baseball dads” themselves and believe their tournament facility will draw crowds from all corners of the planet.


Here’s why:

  • Two-thirds scale replicas of Wrigley Field, Busch Stadium, Griffiths Field, Tiger Stadium, Fenway Park and Forbes Field
  • Professional grade artificial turf
  • Major league style locker rooms with flat screen tvs, private bathrooms and air conditioning
  • A Baseball Village with shops and activities for the entire family to partake in
  • International teams to play an All-All American game
  • Accommodates players from the 10U to 13U age group

And that’s just the reasons for kids and families to come to the baseball resort. So why did Ballparks of America select Branson as the site for their brainchild? It’s simple really! There is so much to do for Youth Groups and kids & families in Branson.

  • Branson is the 19th ranked tourist destination site in the United States according to TripAdvisor
  • The town has more than 18,000 hotel rooms to suit the needs of individuals, families, groups and teams
  • White Water Park is located right by the facility’s entrance
  • Silver Dollar City is right down the street
  • Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo offer world class fishing, boating and other outdoor activities
  • Some of the best golf courses in the nation designed by professional golfers
  • Go karts, ziplines, mini-golf, laser tag and much, much more  Book-branson-youth-group

Garret Anderson, Branson’s Economic Director, had this to say about Ballparks of America in a June 2014 press release, “We feel like we are pretty close now to a good development that fits with the sports and the youth sports market, that we’ve really been pursuing over the last several years.”

The Ballparks of America resort will be constructed in several phases. The first phase, which will cost roughly $15 million, is to create the six youth sized replica fields. The end result will see 16 stadiums total erected on the property.

Branson business owners and members of the community are thrilled at the prospects Ballparks of America will provide.

“While the players themselves, or the teams would be staying on the property,” said Branson’s Planning and Development Director, Joel Hornickel. “This is a great opportunity for our existing businesses to take advantage of these families coming into town…staying at their lodging facilities or eating at their restaurants.”


Official estimates conclude that as many as 500 families each week will be streaming into Branson to enjoy the Ballparks of America resort. The first day the gates will be opened for business is scheduled for June 2015. If you would like more information on how Branson Ticket & Travel can save you money for your Branson Youth Groupemail us or call us toll-free at 1-800-432-4202 and let us show you why we are Branson’s #1 Group Planner.

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