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Get Ready for the Beat: The 2024 Branson Music Festival Lineup is Here!

When: April 19 – 20, 2024

Where: Clay Cooper Theatre

The Lineup That’s Making Waves

April in Branson is not just another month; it marks the moment when the Clay Cooper Theatre comes alive with the 2024 Branson Music Festival. Scheduled for April 19-20, this event is the talk of the town for good reason. Attendees are in for a treat with a lineup that promises to deliver unforgettable performances. It’s not just a festival; it’s a celebration of music that encapsulates the soul of Branson.

Leading the charge on Friday, April 19, is none other than Doug Gabriel as the emcee. The day boasts an eclectic mix of performances from the harmonious Texas Tenors to the dynamic Hot Rods & High Heels. Not to mention, the incredible bluegrass from Gold Wing Express, Clay Cooper’s Country Express high energy, and the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, each bringing their unique flavor to the stage. Other acts like New Jersey Nights, The Baldknobbers, and a special short set by Colton Cooper add to the day’s excitement. The lineup is rounded off with Illusions of Rick Thomas, comedy of Matt Gumm & Company, Motown Downtown, Rick McEwen, and the return of Million Dollar Quartet, ensuring a day packed with talent and entertainment.

Saturday, April 20, welcomes Clay Cooper (pictured above) as the emcee, setting the stage for another day of top-tier performances. Elvis! Live kicks off the day, followed by hits from the 60’s, the angelic Cassandre’ Voice of an Angel, and the ever-popular Haygoods. The lineup also includes Dublin’s Irish Tenors & Celtic Ladies, New South, Pierce Arrow, and the Doug Gabriel Show. Not to be missed are performances by Mary Lou Turner, Nashville Roadhouse, Jay Osmond, and Billy Yates, each bringing their signature styles to the festival.

Friday, April 19: A Day of Diverse Performances

Emcee for the day, Doug Gabriel, will guide us through an exciting lineup featuring:

  • The Texas Tenors
  • Hot Rods & High Heels
  • Gold Wing Express
  • Clay Cooper’s Country Express
  • Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai
  • New Jersey Nights
  • The Baldknobber’s
  • Colton Cooper (in a special short set)
  • Rick Thomas
  • Matt Gumm & Company
  • Motown Downtown
  • Rick McEwen
  • Million Dollar Quartet

This lineup promises an unforgettable start to the festival, blending genres and talents in a unique celebration of music and performance.

Saturday, April 20: Continuation of Musical Celebrations

Clay Cooper takes the stage as the emcee, introducing another stellar group of performers:

  • Elvis! Live
  • #1 Hits of the 60’s
  • Cassandre’ Voice of an Angel
  • The Haygoods
  • Dublin’s Irish Tenors & Celtic Ladies
  • New South
  • Pierce Arrow
  • Doug Gabriel Show
  • Mary Lou Turner
  • Nashville Roadhouse
  • Jay Osmond
  • Billy Yates

Saturday’s performances will continue the festival’s celebration of musical diversity, offering something for every taste and age. Lineup subject to change.

Not Just Music, But a Musical Extravaganza

The Clay Cooper Theatre, on the lively Hwy 76 strip, is set to host this two-day musical event. Standing as Branson’s second-largest springtime event, it’s a celebration that draws music enthusiasts from every corner. This festival is more than just concerts; it’s a gathering that stitches together the fabric of the music community in Branson.

Secure Your Spot in the Audience

With the buzz around the 2024 Branson Music Festival growing, tickets are flying off the shelves. Branson Ticket & Travel is at the ready to assist you in planning your festival experience. This is an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich musical culture of Branson, whether you’re a local or a visitor.

Why Wait? The Music Calls

As the spring air fills Branson, the music festival beckons to all. It represents more than just musical performances; it’s a beacon of community, joy, and the celebration of spring. There’s no reason to hesitate. The festival is calling for you to join in and experience the harmony and happiness that the 2024 Branson Music Festival promises to bring.


How can I purchase tickets for the 2024 Branson Music Festival?
Tickets can be acquired by calling toll-free at (800) 432-4202 or locally at (417) 335-2707. Branson Ticket & Travel is on hand to help you secure your spot and ensure you don’t miss out on this musical extravaganza.

Where will the 2024 Branson Music Festival take place?
The festival is set to light up the Clay Cooper Theatre, located on the bustling Hwy 76 strip in Branson, Missouri.

When is the 2024 Branson Music Festival?
Mark your calendars for April 19-20, 2024, for this must-attend event.

Who are the emcees for the event?
Doug Gabriel will lead the festivities on Friday, April 19, with Clay Cooper taking over as the emcee on Saturday, April 20.

Can people of all ages attend the 2024 Branson Music Festival?
Absolutely, the Branson Music Festival is a family-friendly event that welcomes music lovers of all ages to come together and enjoy the performances.

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