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Branson Star Theatre’s Fantastic 2023 Show Schedule

Set back along Branson’s historic Hwy 76 Country Boulevard, the Branson Star Theatre has a fantastic 2023 show schedule! The theatre is headlined by the all-star ensemble known as Nashville Roadhouse with frontman Stevie Lee Woods with guest performances throughout the year. Those regular guests are the Grand Ladies of Country Music, The Kendalls and Listen to the Music as well as Phil Dalton’s Master of Illusion and Mysteries of the Mind starring Steve Sanders.

The 2023 Schedule of Shows at the Branson Star Theatre

As mentioned, the Branson Star Theatre’s main draw is Nashville Roadhouse with Stevie Lee Woods. An amazing ensemble of musicians, their live sets are second to none in the area. Singer Stevie Lee Woods has vocal chords for days & his unique range allows an array of genres. Nashville Roadhouse with Stevie Lee Woods plays Friday & Saturday nights at 8pm.

The Grand Ladies of Country Music are Barbara Fairchild, Leona Turner and Mary Lou Turner and play once a month at the Branson Star backed by Nashville Roadhouse live band. You’ll hear each artist sing some of their most popular hits & favorites along with their preferred songs to sing together. Its a great show & those who love classic country will surely enjoy it!

If your group is into magic & illusions, Phil Dalton’s Theatre of Illusion is nearly 2 hours of family fun & engaging entertainment. Phil employs his entire family for the show including his kids & wife. This magic show plays at select Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, check their calendar here.

The newest show to join the Branson Star Theatre is Listen to the Music!

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